The smart way
for 3D scanning

F6 SMART is suitable for a wide variety
of uses and applications in:
Architecture, Engineering, Construction / Forensics /
Oil & Gas / Automotive / Education & Research /
VR game designers / and many more…

MV Echo the power of
easy & fast

Mantis-Vision Echo is a powerful computing companion
to F6 Smart. Together they make the perfect scanning
match to gain the most high-quality 3D point cloud &
mesh for 3D models.


We take 3D scanning seriously, so we made a product we would like to work with!

Fast & Robust

F6 Smart built to operate in tough environment and under difficult light conditions

Powerful image projection

F6 Smart 1.3 megapixel RGB camera use to capture high-quality images during scanning and Echo smart algorithm convert those images to a photorealistic mesh texture

High Accuracy

Processional – grade measurements: accuracy of up to 0.1 mm (0.004 in) and resolution of up to 0.1 mm (0.004 in)

Echo Software

A powerful scanning & 3D data editing tool, suitable for both professional and unprofessional users, both easy to use and high-performance software with strong denoise options and image projection mesh

Product features


Outstanding Volumetric Scanner for Field Use

  • IR light – enables work in any lighting conditions from complete darkness to daylight
  • Ergonomic rubberized handgrip
  • No scene preparation – geometry is deciphered by the encoding
  • 2 layer modes of operation: static and dynamic
  • Accessibility to hidden places
  • User-friendly – professionals can operate the system after a short training

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We are proud to introduce MV Echo.

Mantis Vision’s advanced Echo software offers sophisticated post-processing tools that enhance the quality of the scanned image.  High quality registration is performed using a patented algorithm to repair missed alignments, ensuring accurate end results. Filters eliminate noise in surface mesh models while retaining all necessary data, and the software delivers highly accurate mesh with color texturing for the highest quality output.


Echo’s user-friendly interface features five operating modes that provide the operator with full control over the scanning process.

  • IR: pattern mode
  • 2D: captures standard digital image
  • 3D: decodes a single frame
  • 3D+: builds the 3D model in real-time while decoding
  • Overview: rotates the 3D scanned object and checks for missing data

Scans can be exported to a range of 3rd party formats, including point cloud, polygon/mesh formats, and 3D printers.

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Captivative exporting to VR & AR 

Mantis-Vision AR app
is available for download.

For all mobile phone supported in AR/VR core, you can scan a model using F6 Smart and in minutes turn it into a virtual model.